Can’t find comfortable and stylish footwear in Perth shoe stores?


You’re shoe shopping again.

Perth shoe stores give you two choices – flats or heels. The flats are daggy. The heels are uncomfortable. You give up, and go home.

Sound familiar? Shoe shopping can be frustrating, especially when you’re not a “shoe person”. It’s hard to find shoes you can wear to work, down the shops, or slip on before a night out with the girls.

After years of looking for footwear in Perth shoe stores, we’ve found the perfect pair.

Handmade leather Avarca sandals.


What are Avarca Sandals?

Somewhere between a sandal and a shoe, Avarcas or Menorcan sandals originated in Menorca, Spain. Avarcas are hardwearing and durable. They mold to your feet, and become more comfortable with age.


How are Hey Lovely Avarca sandals different?



Comfortable & Durable

Avarca sandals’ straps are handcrafted out of soft leather, and their soles constructed out of recycled tyres. The rubber soles and supportive leather straps will make your feet feel comfortable and secure. Avarcas are designed to be worn everyday. They’re also made to last.


Affordable & Good Value

If you’re already a fan of Avarca sandals, you’ve probably noticed they can be a little pricey. But at Hey Lovely we want our sandals to be shoes you can afford. That’s why we’re an online Perth shoe store who stocks Menorcan sandals at a decent price. They’re still from Spain, still handmade and still real leather. When you buy Hey Lovely sandals, you know they’re going to last.


Versatile & Stylish

The best thing about Hey Lovely Avarcas? They go with everything! Seriously, you can wear them with dresses, jeans, shorts and pants. You can wear them while running errands, or slip them on for an evening meal. And with so many colours tan, pink, navy, black glitter, metallic gold and metallic silver – you’ll only ever need one style of shoe.


Hey Lovely is Local

We’re not a big brand. We’re an online Perth shoe store who believes every woman should be able to wear shoes that make her look and feel lovely. Our sandals are packaged personally by our owner, Shari. Ordered the wrong size? Just contact us and we’ll exchange without a fuss.

Look. Feel. Lovely.


Hey Lovely