Meet the woman behind Hey Lovely


It all started when Perth mum and teacher Shari fell in love with Avarca sandals, but it wasn’t her first pair that sealed the deal…

Shari’s never been a “shoe gal”, and definitely not a fan of shopping in Perth shoe shops. Hunting for the perfect everyday shoe was a hassle. She could never find footwear she could wear all day at school, as well as throw on when she headed out for a coffee.

With no luck finding a pair of stylish and comfortable shoes Shari liked in Perth, shoe shops online finally revealed a shoe she hadn’t seen before…

Avarca Sandals.

Although pricey, she loved the style. These sandals were exactly what she was looking for. But after a day of teaching, her feet ached. Not prepared to settle for daggy “old lady” sandals, she wasn’t sure what to do next.

On a visit from Spain, Shari’s mum spotted the discarded sandals.

Shari explained her dilemma. She loved Avarcas, but wished they were kinder on her feet. Her mum told her she had seen the sandals at her local market in Spain, and would send a pair over.

When Shari tried on the Spanish Avarca sandals, she was pleasantly surprised. They were more comfortable than her original pair, and she could wear them all day.

Finally she had found a classic, versatile shoe she could wear anywhere. So what did she do next? She asked her mum to send a pair in every colour!

After years of wearing Avarcas and receiving compliments from friends and family, Shari decided it was time to share her favourite shoes with the world. She would sell the sandals she loved, but couldn’t find in Perth shoe shops.

Hey Lovely was born.

Shari believes every woman should be able to wear shoes that make her look and feel lovely.

Look. Feel. Lovely.


Hey Lovely xx

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